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Image by Sidekix Media

Design in a Day

Sometimes a full-on remodel isn't in the budget, or you just really like what you already have.


How about those family photos you keep saying you're going to put up, but are still sitting in your closet?

In our "Design in a Day" package, we use your furniture, artwork and room accessories to bring your living room, bedroom or any other room, new life - all in a three to four hour session in the morning or afternoon!

Of course, if you are looking for a new piece or two, we have plenty of artwork​​, pillows and other items for sale from our in-house market. 

Our services include:​​

  • Moving and rearranging furniture

  • Hanging artwork and/or photos

  • Holiday decoration (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, special events, etc.)

  • Paint color suggestions

  • Decor and accessory suggestions


Book a "Design in a Day," session to watch the things you already own come to life in a new and fresh look. 

Who says you can' teach an old sofa new tricks?

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