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D.I.Y Coaching

Many of our clients are part of the "do it yourself," crowd - and we think that's great! At Novè Punti Design, we like to help our D.I.Y. clients find the "Designer In You," (see what we did there?).

If you find yourself wanting to be more involved in the design process, but still could use some extra help or insight, give us a call. Whether you're wanting to come up with a new space plan, try out new paint colors, or need some recommendations on new furniture, Novè Punti Design it the D.I.Y design coach you want in your corner. 

We pride ourselves in educating our clients the entire way, so you aren't just getting suggestions from us, you know the reasons why we're recommending those things too.

Ready to roll up your sleeves? Great - let's get to work!

Image by Marjan Grabowski

Design in a Day - Virtual


Not able to bring a designer into your home?


Whether it's distance, cost or health, our Design in a Day Virtual package allows you to access our same great design expertise at a lower cost and from the comfort of your own phone and home!

All of our sessions include a virtual call, purchasing recommendations (if you are looking for some new pieces) and explanations behind all of our suggestions.

Image by Sidekix Media

Design in a Day


Sometimes a full-on remodel isn't in the budget, or you just really like what you already have. 

In our "Design in a Day" package, we use your furniture, artwork and room accessories combined with our expertise to give your living space a new look!

We'll teach you along the way too, so you'll know exactly why we're doing what we're doing.

Perfect for our D.I.Y. clients - book your session today!

Image by Christelle BOURGEOIS

Shopping Consultation


Shopping for new furniture or interior decor can be fun! But, finding the perfect sofa or curtains can quickly become overwhelming. 

Bring Novè Punti along on your next shopping trip to make your search effective. We'll help you know what questions to ask, what styles match your taste and leave buyer's remorse in the dust!

Online shopping more your style? We can do virtual shopping consultations too!

Image by David Pisnoy

Color Consultation


Color can be so tricky, especially when you're trying to decide what color to paint your walls, house or furniture. 

Let Novè Punti Design help! We'll evaluate your space, explore what your tastes and styles are, then recommend the best colors. Along the way, we'll help you understand the why behind each of our recommendations too. 

Ready the pass us the paint chips? Book a session today!



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