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Portfolio: Asian Modern

This Houston, Texas client wanted to spruce up their space with a new style while still honoring the years they'd spent living in Asian countries and their love of the culture. They requested a bright, open and welcoming space with a few of their traditional paintings and Asian art pieces.

The Vietnamese farming scene was the color inspiration for the space and throughout the home. Novè Punti Design utilized fresh greens and blues with strong, high contrast light/dark values to bring clarity to the modern furnishings. The silver-gilt faceted iron chandelier Eicher Lighting by Woodland Furniture is the central focal point and crowns the room. Ultimately, we decided to call this combination of culture and style "Asian Modern."

Living Room: We designed the living room to seat 8-10, but it still allows for an intimate and comfortable setting for just a couple of people.

Dining Room: The adjacent open-plan dining room was another key gathering area in the home. The client wanted the flexibility of seating just one or two for daily use or up to 16 for larger gatherings. Our design utilized a 14' long niche as a generous space to accommodate the custom designed dining sofa. The identical center-leaf square tables by Woodland Furniture were designed to either stand alone for a restaurant style seating arrangement or come together for entertaining.

Media Room: Our client's design style for the family/media room already had a great start with an Asian painting screen. Additionally, the art and accents surrounded by a large ivory sectional just needed a little tweaking to complete the cozy feeling the client wanted when entertaining family and friends. We finished off the space by adding a rug, pillows, and a game table.

The room's color scheme included soft coppers, aqua, gold and light organic pastels - the perfect scene for watching a romantic movie or a lively action show with the family.

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