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Portfolio: Diamond Stone Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

When the client first approached Nove Punti Design about a kitchen remodel, they said they had waited decades to renovate their kitchen and were finally ready to take the plunge.

The original space was roughly 30 years old, had dated, honey-colored oak cabinetry and no island. Additionally, the space was a bit confined and not conducive to cooking for their large family or entertaining guests.

As part of the design, the client requested an island, walk-in pantry, larger food preparation surfaces, a place to display their family crystal and heirlooms, and a garage conversion to give the kitchen more space, and give them a new office and exercise area. The client also wanted to bring in specific color schemes like cream, ivory and periwinkle while also maintaining her current wall color.

By the time we completed the remodel, we'd expanded the kitchen space by 30 percent, added a granite topped island, full cabinetry spaces for storage and display, new appliances, a walk-in pantry and the final touch of hand painted and silver-leafed laurel leaf and berry trim on the facade surrounding the refrigerator.

We also added a three-dimensional, diamond-cut stone backsplash with hints of soft pink and taupe, and new countertops.

View the before and after photos of the project below:


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