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Portfolio: Historic Fireplace and Gilded Media Center

This 1870's French inspired fireplace mantle surround was created to define the great room of the residence. The new design called for replacing the rustic river-rock clad wall and pine wood mantle with a totally new, historic, period-inspired design.

We expanded the original fireplace from it's original narrow width to take up the entire wall of the room complete with lighting niches, bookcases, custom gold leaf fluted columns and capitals, cushioned seating and a deeper, up-lit mantle.

Our remodel also included custom made rugs and furniture, and a completely remodeled media center complete with shelving to display family heirlooms, and a puppet-theatre style curtain covering the television when not in use.

Using juxtaposed materials to highlight the antique style of the design, the final product also included 23.5 karat moon gold gilt carvings, decorative gesso-painted surfaces and antique barn wood.  

Explore the interactive graphic below to view before and after images:

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